Spring is here, and here’s a collection of 6 things to do on spring!

1. Open the doors to the sun!

undefinedThe first thing you do this spring is open your doors and embrace the sun. Everything from your interior walls to rugs need a proper dose of sunlight for staying problem-free. Your house could really use some sun after the winter months. Let it warm up and let all the wood crack up.

2. Don't neglect your kitchen

Although kitchen improvements and extensions are costly, this spring you can get your kitchen painted in warm colors to suit the ambiance of the world outside!

undefinedRather than adding more compartments or adding more equipment – simply aim to make your kitchen look more beautiful with common hacks. First of all, do a full cleaning. Then see what items and equipment you won’t be needing. Over time, the kitchen becomes the home of a lot of things. It needs constant care. Remove anything you don’t need and you will have a more organized kitchen.

Also take care of cleaning and opening any drains that might be blocked.

3. Inspect your exterior

Only the interiors don't need spring love. You can do some great home improvement if you pay attention to the fragile and trivial details of the exterior of your house. This includes cleaning the roof and chimneys, while scrubbing off any patches on exterior walls and fences.
For roofs, you can use a pair of binoculars to inspect any problem. Or if you prefer the more “handy” way – climb up and do a close inspection.

undefinedExterior walls and fences make up a chief part of the exterior of your house. Make sure they are properly tended to. With them, it’s not short-term problems that can have the heaviest impact. Walls and fences deteriorate over time and over the years, the damage can really add up.

4. Windows test

You really need to cool down the wind coming from outside. In spring, there's no better way of doing it than having perfect windows. Check your windows for any leakage or openings. Consider a fresh layer of priming or paint.

undefinedPerfectly sealed and airtight windows are what you need to block damage from air, wind, and water. Although they don’t cause much problems in the spring season, but they sure can cause trouble anyway.

Also check for any paint residue, metal rust, wood chipping off, or cracks and dents in your windows and the windowsills. Wood needs more care. If you see any problem, get rid of it as soon as possible. These little things can add up quickly and damage your windows in the long term.

Get fresh flowers for your vases

5. Get your stored furniture out!

We all love to store our furniture inside during winter. Whatever you cloaked down that basement, it's the time to let it soak and bathe in the sun's warm rays. You can also take out the furniture in use outside for a couple afternoons.

undefinedYou need that wood to crack up in the sun (not literally). It needs the heat to get rid of all that fungi and bacteria.

6. Do a full house check

How well did your house survive the winter? There's no way of telling that unless you actually pay attention to your house. Do one round of walking around your house and observe what needs replacing, what needs painting, what needs cleaning, and what needs repairing.

undefinedSome common problems might be lurking around your household. For example, these are a few things to look out for:

  • Is your AC working fine? You’ll need it for the months to come.
  • Are your faucets in need of some cleaning? You will find that most of them are. It’s time to give them some attention.
  • Spring comes with a lot of natural growth. Make sure you’re prepared for a beautiful lawn. Trim the trees (like overgrowth around your windows), test the mower, and test your soil for gardening or vegetables. The warm and colorful season for the growth of vivid fruits and vegetables has come.
  • Cracks and the sort can happen a lot over constant negligence, snow, winter winds, or other forces. Get on your roof and do some repairing. Also check for cracks and openings in your exterior and fix them.
  • Your gutters need proper care as well. Clean them well so that they can be useful again in spring.