Vacuum cleaner repairs can cost you dearly. So although a vacuum cleaner needs very less maintenance for itself, you must give it a bit more to avoid any big repairs.undefined

So, how to keep your vacuum running like new? Here are some simple steps.

1. Clear the dustbin and replace the bags

This is perhaps the clearest way of maintaining your vacuum cleaner. This is also the most overlooked thing. If you donot clean this, the vacuum clear would not be able to collect all the debris and dust. In other words, this affects the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Also clean the bags with warm water and detergent. This is important to avoid serious problems with the bag.

2. The brushes must be cleaned

The brush roll will collect a lot of hair and dust over time. It is your job to clean it. Although fingers are good enough to get rid of stuff stick in the brush, it is a more efficient practice to use a scissor to quickly get rid of threads and hair.

3. Lubricate the bearings

The bearings need to be lubricated for functioning well. The brush will stop rolling well if you don’t frequently lubricate the bearings. That is in fact the chief reason among all the reasons why a vacuum cleaner starts becoming less efficient each passing day.

If you lubricate the bearings frequently, you will keep the brushes rolling well.

4. Caring for the belt

The belt on your brush roll needs to be taken care of as well. Look for any signs of damage. It is generally a good idea to get the belt replaced every few months. Not only the replacement, but you should also pay attention to keeping it in good shape by constantly checking whether there are any wears or tears.

5. Clogs and obstructions

There can be clogs and obstructions that hinder the vacuum cleaner from functioning properly. Check your hose properly and inspect it closely to find out any such problems. You will know that something is stuck when the vacuum cleaner is working at a dramatically slower pace and can’t suck in the debris properly.

6. Cleaning the filter frequently

There is a foam filter that needs proper cleaning every once a while. Although it can be easily cleaned with water and be ready to be put inside again, you’re recommended to let it air dry after washing. This piece can get unusable pretty fast if you don’t handle it well.

7. Do you need a new vacuum cleaner?

This is one more point to think about. After a point, any machinery loses its edge. So although you can maintain your vacuum cleaner to make it run longer and more efficiently, there’s always a time to replace the machinery.
See if the machinery is beyond recovery. One indicator of such bad health is the machine having some problem every once a while to the point it’s all getting very irritating. If it is so, you might want to change your vacuum cleaner.