Paint plays an important role in the look of kitchen cabinet although it seems so boring and easy work but it is not so easy task. Nowadays, different procedures are present in the market and you just need to choose one according to the design or style of the cabinets. While the selection of the color you must choose the color which will give a great combination with the cabinets. We all want a perfect kitchen in our house and makeover that time to time. Paint is the best option for a makeover because with the help of colors you can give an elegant look to kitchen cabinets. For that, you just need some free time as well as exclusive tips which are given bellow:

  • Remove all the handles as well as the contents of all drawers and cabinets which is the first step of the process of painting the cabinets. After that for covering the glass, you can use masking tape and also put some dust sheets on the other parts of the kitchen. By this, you can protect all necessary things from the paint.
  • After that use sugar soap or a strong detergent to wash properly the cabinets. By this, you can create a smooth canvas and also remove grease from the cabinets. With a damp cloth, you can remove soap easily.
  • After that, you just need to apply a wood primer properly on the surface and you can get a smooth finishing by using the small roller on the doors. You should go for such paint which is water-based and also won’t smell during the painting process.
  • When you are applying your chosen color on the cabinets that time does two coats. When you have done the first coat just wait till it is completely dry. You can get a smooth and professional finish by using a fine paper. Make sure that you wipe off all dust with a damp cloth.
  • At last, when the second coat is dry, all process of the paint is complete. Now just remove all taps which you used in the cover to glass and put all handles and contents of the drawers back on.

These are the all steps of the paint in the kitchen for cabinets and after this, you can admire the new look of the kitchen. In all process, color holds a great position so always be careful while the selection of it.