Beds are your partners. You need to be alert when picking one. Here are some tips on selecting a bed that will help you a lot.


Shop for your bed like you shop for nail polish

What this means is that you should not take a decision quickly. Do not be easily sold. Especially, don’t be sold to big features lists, giant supports, or good looks. Always check with multiple retail stores. Retails stores charge much more in general. So, also check the prices on online stores. Read reviews and do some research.

After going through a lot of options, finally narrow down your options and see what fits you best based on the other criteria provided here in the article.

Test with a rest

If you are going to buy a bed, then of course you are buying it for sleeping on it. There is a crucial need to test it by taking an actual rest. Lie down on it. Don’t make it quick, but obviously don’t stretch it out too long.

If you can, then see whether your sleeping patterns go easily with the bed or not. Also test it for any problems you might experience when you’re turning sides. Remember, the bed is going to be a big part of your life. It is something you will crash into. If it is not comfortable, then what good is it?

I would recommend spending at least 15 minutes testing the bed. Most retailers have accommodations for this. If a retailer doesn’t have it and it feels awkward, then still try to sit and bounce a bit at least. You will have some idea. Nevertheless, you can always (especially if you are buying online) return it if it doesn’t suit you.

Do you have lots of stuff in your home?

If the answer is yes, then you should really consider buying a storage bed. Instead of a support, it has storage space. You can add more mattresses on top to increase the comfort, while you store away all the stuff that you rarely need inside it. I have many beds in my life, and a king size storage bed with a wooden headboard was the best one.

How important is space for you?

Ranging from "I don't even care" to "King size is minimum" -- where do you stand? If the size doesn't matter to you then there is no special consideration here, really. But if you are like me then space matters. Even if you sleep single, you need a big enough bed, sometimes, to feel comfortable and to be able to smile yourself to sleep after a tiring day every once a while!

Also, get the sizes right. There are many sizes of beds like king, super king, and emperor. Take your bedroom's size into consideration before making a decision about the size of your bed.

What kind of support do you need?

Some people with physical disabilities, old age, or certain medical conditions need beds with an adjustable base. Some people prefer (or need) extra soft beds that need to have a good support, while yet some people need other features depending on where they live and how they use their bed. Do you love bounce? Do you love longevity? Do you love breathability? Answer these questions and you will get immense help in sorting out the right kind of beds for your sleep.

New bed, new mattress

Whenever you are buying a new bed, you also have to consider buying a new mattress. New mattresses are important, but what is even more important is the compatibility. Not all mattresses go with all kinds and sizes of beds. So you have to be careful here. If you pick the wrong kind of mattress, then you will end up ruining your sleeping time.